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We all are busy excelling in our lives not looking back to our roots, maybe due to lack of time and sometimes will. Whatever the reasons may be one thing that I am concern a lot about our elderly and feeble… Yes, I am talking about our parents who are lonely and needy especially at the tag end of their life. Due to our compelling reasons sometimes they do not accompany us. At this juncture, they need care in all forms be it physically, mentally or otherwise.

They are the foundation of our life. Without them, it would have been next to impossible to achieve what we are today. Now it’s time to give back a bit of care, love and support to them. Let’s hold them in time of their need.

While launching this venture my only objective was there in my mind to provide medical care support in every form to those elderly people who are lonely due to many compelling reasons of their kids… in form of OUR Extended Family.

Swati Singh,
CEO (Extended Family)

Words of my mother always echo in my mind “that whenever my PINKI will come I will go to the doctor”. It’s like a constant reminder that took me to launch this venture with a sense of service and gratitude to help our elderly and provide them all kinds of support when they need it most. It may endeavor to safeguard their lives in all possible ways and for this, we have by the grace of God and from the blessings of our parents extended our family to my parental land of Patna (Bihar) and later on to all parts of India.

Our Objectives are simple and crystal clear “To provide medical care facilities in absence of their kids in all possible manners” Simultaneously assuring their kids that we are truly an extended family of yours.

Why Choose Us

We need your support and blessings to help achieve this humble objective of my life.....

  • Compassion is at the Heart of Our Care.​
  • Picture of Happy Old People
  • Better life support services from “Extended Family”, for lonely old parents.

Our Mission

Work Hard By Heart

We offer reliable life support services for elderly parents in the absence of their own children including:

  • A regular check-up with their own doctor as per their need with our attendant and vehicle
  • Blood Pressure checking facilities
  • Massage and oiling facilities
  • Physiotherapy facilities
  • Nurse facility
  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Critical and emergency care services

Our Vision

Our Parents Our Pride

We will provide an option to our elderly parents to live a healthy and secure lifestyle without separating from their own place and simultaneously assure their children that they are in the safest hand by the time, they join their parents.

Note:- In case of any critical situation our company will take responsibility to pick the elderly person from their doorstep and admit them to the best hospital at our own cost till their children arrive from out of station.
Last but not the list: We will provide fooding services also when the situation will be down after Covid-19 pandemic

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